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High volumes of traffic

Serve 400 Million daily impression around world from our handreds' sites.

Advanced traffic targeting

Support 10+ targeting features helping you find your audience. like interests, geo, device, carrier, users etc.

Various adformats

Use different ad formats to reach your audience in different ways.

Real-time data report

Track your campaign in every second, by using our performance report.

Efficiency algorithm

Create your campaign and our system algorithm do the most work to optimize it

RTB Integration

Demand-side RTB integration supported. Connect us to expand your traffic volumes.


Competitive payout

High demand from our advertisers, leading to your high fill rate and ecpm.

Easy integration

Few lines of JS code or simply RTB integration.

Friendly adformats

Kinds of friendly adformat keeping your sites in good experience.

Transparent report

Transparent real-time report, seeing your revenue increase in second


Support placement manegement backend to set floor price and ad block.

On time payment

On time payment and sincere customer service.

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